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News and Events - Ardmore Ceramics Comes To Martha Vineyard

Ardmore Ceramics Comes To Martha Vineyard
By Harold Scott 8/25/2017 4:15 PM Comments

Exciting Time For The Vineyard

For Martha’s Vineyard, this will be the very first time the public has the chance to shop Ardmore Ceramics face to face. Ask anyone about Ardmore Ceramics and they’ll attest to the striking impressions off first glance thanks to the intricate details inside of every piece. Buyers often relish in the show stopping abilities each piece gives off when placed inside their homes.

Another reason this is such an important show to do for residents of Martha’s Vineyard is due to the growing art community that the area is known for. Places like the Featherstone and the Granary Gallery are just a few examples of the many art channels that exists for residents. Seeing that Ardmore started from an appreciation of the arts as well, there seems to be this perfect synergy behind setting up shop in Edgartown.

The whole Martha’s Vineyard presents an opportunity for Pascoe Gallery to engage with an area of the country that has yet to see face to face the wonders of our Ardmore ceramic designs. The detailed each skillful artist puts into each piece is honestly worthy of all the worldwide recognition it can receive. 

Worldwide Influence

Ardmore has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s most well renowned designers. One of the most popular collaborations to date has been the successful scarf partnership with fashion icon Hermes. News spread throughout the fashion universe and boutique blogs in early 2016 to exceptional fanfare and a strong customer demand. The collaboration itself was almost two years in the making and released under the house’s theme for 2016 which was La Nature.

Another important collaboration came via Cole & Son’s, the London based wallpaper brand, which resulted in a range of tribal inspired wallpapers that can perfectly accentuate any home décor. Collaborations like these are just more examples of each unique Ardmore pattern can be applied to practical things outside of the ceramic art realm.

Buy One Help One

Within South Africa, the The Umkhanyakude District, in the north-eastern corner poverty is a major issue. The area is often described as one of the most deprived districts in South Africa. For Zimbabwean born ceramic artist Fee Halsted, she saw an opportunity to help by offering other local residents within the entire KwaZulu-Natal region the chance to study ceramic arts under in the 1908s. One apprenticeship would eventually grow into a whole studio where dozens of artists would eventually get the opportunity to share their talents with the world.

From the Gersch Museum in Germany, to the Instabul Biennale, there is almost no stone left unturned when it comes to showcasing Ardmore’s captivating designs. Ardmore has been around for over 30 years and despite its young history, the prestige that follows the design house is something to Ardmore. For these talented artists, Ardmore is a way of life and something fulfilling that supports them in such a deprived area. Each purchase guarantees at least one artist can continue to create for another day. It’s the primary reason why Ardmore is so celebrated as a ceramic/textile style.

For More Information

For more information on our upcoming Ardmore exhibition check out events link located on our website. This week’s exhibit is free and open to the public. Contact Gallery Owner Ed Pascoe for more information:

South African Ardmore Ceramic Art Exhibition

Harbor View Hotel

131 North Water Street

Edgartown, Massachusetts 0253


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