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News and Events - Artist-Spotlight - Wiseman Ndlovu

Artist-Spotlight - Wiseman Ndlovu
By Harold Scott 7/12/2017 3:58 PM Comments

Wiseman is one of Ardmore’s leading painters and for the last two years he has assisted Fée Halsted with the studio’s Winter School program teaching new recruits. In 2016, he visited the Pascoe Gallery in Florida and met many American collectors during his expert demonstrations. Wiseman is responsible for painting one of the most magnificent urns currently at the Pascoe Gallery, which stands 31 inches tall.

Wiseman was born in 1983 and art was the dream he followed from school. He attended print-making courses at the Caversham Press, across the river from Ardmore's ceramic art studio, and sold his prints and watercolors. In 2005 his portfolio was shown to Fée Halsted and he quickly became one of Ardmore's leading artists. His work has been exhibited all over the world and his designs have been described as ‘a triumph of sophisticated natural realism.’

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